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New EZITRAX(TM) Portable Beach Access Mat

New EZITRAX(TM) Portable Beach Access Mat

Introducing our new range of temporary beach access pathways. The solution for providing equal access for all the community onto our coastlines. EZITRAX(TM) LD beach access mats are ideal for wheelchairs, walking frames, other mobility aids, and prams. EZITRAX(TM) HD beach access mats are suited for vehicles and boats, and great to use as temporary boat ramps during the summer.

The key Benefits are:-

-    Australian Made – Supporting local jobs

-    Economical – making disability access affordable

-    High load bearing capacity  – supports most wheeled vehicles

-    Boardwalk like surface - not unsupportive cloth

-  More rigid surface – greater safety for users

-    Easy to join sections – fast installation speed

-    Various widths and lengths available – to suit your application

-    Slip resistant surface – better traction when wet

-    Non corrosive components – long lasting


- 'EZITRAX would be much easier to use, I have tried a mat like shade cloth and it was extremely hard to wheel myself. I was exhausted by the time I got back up the mat'

- 'Your beach matting and additional support material arrived at the right place at the right time – in fact it was perfectly timed and we were set and absolutely ready for the international competition. It performed incredibly well and is the answer to my prayers. We could not have done the (international competition) without it!'

- 'We have been getting great feed back with the mats, we had one fella, who is can not walk but has his own little scooter, he was able to get down the beach and join the festivities that were going on. He came up to the guys on patrol and said it was the first time in 3 years that he has been able to get on the beach, he was pretty stoked.'


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Portable Beach Pathway for Wheelchairs